Full of energy and all the same energy-saving!

Having the goal of continuous, systematic and long-term reduction of our energy consumption, we have decided to become certified according DIN EN 16247-1.
We have committed ourselves to critically deal with the products and processes in our company which substantially and significantly influence our energy consumption.
Beside the production process for dendritic Copper powder we have also included all administrative functions. We do consider energy efficiency criteria for the purchasing of products, equipment and energy services. At the same time it is our goal to sensitize our suppliers in regard of sustainable management of energy.


In order to guarantee an environmentally conscious energy consumption in-house, all the GGP staff members of different divisions will be involved in the installation and the implementation of our energy management system and will be regularly informed about modifications, improvements and the results from these changes.
It is our aim to save on resources, waste and to pursue climate protection where possible and have a positive impact on a future worth living.
When this is also your concern – we are the right partner!