Good Reasons

GGP  is a specialist in electrolytic copper powders and silver coated copper powders
GGP  can offer several powders out of one source
GGP  has more than 1000 different grades!
GGP  sells a wide range of customer tailored products
GGP  has long years of experience in powder production
GGP  uses only high purity raw materials
GGP  offers electrolytic copper powders with extremely low lead values, Pb < 20 ppm!
GGP  produces according to the highest quality standards: certificated according to ISO TS 16949
(incl. VDA6000 and QS9000) and ISO 9001
GGP  runs environmental programmes (waste separation, recycling, highly sophisticated waste water treatment,
certification according to environmental ISO 14001)
GGP  has implemented SAP-System
GGP  is registered for REACH
GGP  is a member of MPIF/MPPA, EPMA, EMPA
GGP  has a skilled technical support
GGP  has a long term interest in powder production
GGP  is leanly structured and well organized
GGP  react flexibly on customer wishes
GGP  is a highly motivated team of greatly experienced employees
GGP  delivers in many countries, worldwide
GGP  helps to select and/or to develop the right product for your application
GGP  has got the right powder for you!